Frequently asked questions

Some operators do offer fiber access, but we provide a quality service at a competitive rate to enable as many people as possible to benefit from a very high-speed internet offer!

For our part, all our equipment are powered by electricity so if there is a power failure, the internet connection will not be available.

Fiber broadband guarantees a stable, better-quality connection (without interruption) and a more powerful throughput than other technologies. Moreover, your Canalbox fiber internet offer is unlimited throughout the month.

Connecting directly to fiber optic cable enables enormous improvements in what bandwidth devices are capable of delivering. Fiber internet gives you very fast and reliable access to the internet and has the potential to change how you use the internet.
Even with several people connected, you will be able to surf at very high speeds without any interruption or slowdown. This way, different members of your family can connect simultaneously with different devices (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) while:

– Sharing/sending large files (pictures, home videos, etc.)
– Listening to music or watching series online (streaming)
– Playing video games online
– Taking advantage of the latest connected objects like household appliances and smart home devices.
– Working from home as if you were in the office
– Taking online courses

All in HD with no loss of bandwidth.

Fiber internet is a new type of technology used to deliver internet and network services via a fibre optic cable that carries a communication signal from an operator’s equipment all the way to a home, business or enterprise.
Running fibre to homes (fibre-to-the-home) is a fast-growing method of providing much greater bandwidth and speeds to consumers and businesses, for more robust video, internet and voice services. This technology has been found to be more stable and reliable than older technologies.


d of providing much greater bandwidth and speeds to consumers and businesses, for more robust video, internet and voice services. This technology has been found to be more stable and reliable than older technologies.

We sincerely apologise on behalf of Canalbox.

For social media conversations, follow-up in Inbox, or forward the complaint to customer service at and a manager will attend to your request.

No, you don’t need to worry about that. Since your home is directly connected to the fiber optic cable, you don’t have to worry about bad weather! Come rain or shine, you’ll be connected at home!

That’s true, the CANALBOX offer only gives you access to the Internet at home, BUT your entire family has unlimited access to it, at a very high speed! Once the fibre is installed in your home, you will be able to connect all your devices via WiFi (or Ethernet), and use the internet like never before!

No, this is an internet only offer. To access Canal+ Bouquets, nothing has changed, you still have to go through your satellite TV subscription.

However, if you are a Canal subscriber with an active subscription, you have free access to MyCanal. This space gives you access from your smartphone, tablet or computer to the 17 CANAL+ channels and a selection of channels from the CANAL+ bouquets live as well as on-demand programmes.
Remember also that with the very high-speed CANALBOX unlimited offer you can watch videos on MyCanal with your WiFi compatible devices, at home, with very good quality, and without fear of using up all your mobile data

We are working to expand our coverage area; for more information please:
1. Inbox us (if on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram).
2. Fill in an eligibility form on our web site

You do not have to pay for moving. However, to activate your subscription at your new home, you will have to pay a one-month subscription fee for the package you’ve chosen.

1. Inform the vendors 10 days before moving.
2. Canalbox teams will test the eligibility of your new home.
3. If your new home is eligible, you will be told the procedure to follow.

You can change your subscription package while renewing your subscription at the sales point. However, you cannot change your package via a “Mobile Money” re-subscription.

Shortly before your subscription expires, you will be alerted by SMS & e-mail. You can either:

  • Dial *860# on MTN Mobile Money and follow the prompts
  • Visit the Self-Care portal at the top-right corner of the website and follow the prompts
  • Go to your nearest Canal+ shop

You can choose either one of these:

1. 25,000 Francs for the unlimited START package with no commitment
2. 40.000 Francs for the unlimited PREMIUM package with no commitment
Our packages are prepaid, i.e. payable in advance. The first month must be paid for at the time of subscription.

We use our own infrastructure (cable, connectors, etc.), which means that we do not touch the equipment already installed in a home.

– Contact us on 86 00 or
– If you are eligible, a vendor will come to your home to sign the contract with you and give you the internet box.
– Thereafter, our technical teams will contact you and come to make the installation. You are now connected!

To test your eligibility, you can either :

– Contact your door-to-door vendor
– Contact us 86 00
– Fill in the form available on
– À envoyer un email à l’adresse

We sincerely apologise on behalf of Canalbox. In case of any complaint, please contact customer service on 86 00.

Excluding holidays and weekends it should take not more than 7 working days. Our installation times may vary depending on the period, but we generally aim to make the installation within 5 to 7 working days.

The installation is RWF 10,000.

CANALBOX is installed by an authorised CANALBOX technician. After installing the box, they will give you access settings and help you to connect your first device to test the connection.

Our technical team will contact you to make an appointment and the fibre broadband cable will be rolled out from the nearest pole to your home. This solution will guarantee you speeds of up to 50 Mbps.

The speed of your line depends on the formula subscribed to, but also on the installation between your box and your equipment. Thus, if you use an Ethernet, WIFI or PLC connection, or if you use an obsolete computer, a smartphone, a tablet, etc., this will influence the value of your speed.
In order for the test to be carried out in optimal conditions, we recommend that you follow the following advice:

1. Close all active programs (download, VPN etc.) on your computer
2. Disconnect all other devices in the house (Smartphone, Smart TV, connected game console etc.)
3. Stand close to your box
4. Connect your computer to the CANALBOX via the Ethernet cable provided for an optimal wired internet connection
5. Go to
6. Check that the CANALBOX server is selected
7. Click on the GO button

If however you wish to measure the speed of your WIFI line, be aware that this is subject to variations in speed due to your environment (nature of the obstacles, thickness of the walls, interference) but also due to the technical specifications of your devices which differ according to the manufacturers and models. If you test your Wi-Fi speed, you will only know the capacity of your wireless connection between the box and your device.

The WIFI speed test is therefore purely indicative.

– You must be close to your box without any obstacle with your device
– Carry out the same checks as for the Ethernet wired connection test
– Make sure that you are connected to 5 Ghz WIFI. Indeed, 2.4 Ghz WIFI does not allow you to reach speeds higher than 80 Mbps.

If you wish to change the location of your box, please contact us
Our technical teams will then come by for an assessment, after which you will be issued a quote depending on the distance. After payment, our technical staff will relocate the box to the new room you want. However, if you need to connect a particular room, you may want to consider buying a signal repeater to amplify the signal in your rooms.

For any technical problems, please contact customer service at86 00 from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 8pm.

Step 1: Go to the web page
Connect to your wiFi network via a computer, tablet or smartphone, then open the browser of your choice and enter in the address bar:

Step2: Identify your BOX
Enter the serial number of your box: ALCL xxxxxx (you can find it under your BOX).

Step 3: Change password
Click on “my box” and enter your new password.

Step 4: Confirm the changes
Click “Save”.